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Are Calf Socks and Crew Socks the Same?

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Are Calf Socks and Crew Socks the Same?

Almost everyone around the globe wears socks almost every day. They absorb your sweat so your shoes don’t, keeping them smelling fresher and cleaner for longer while also ensuring your foot has something soft surrounding it rather than the often rough texture of the inside of your shoes. With so many options for cuts of your socks, it can be important to know the difference to make sure that you’re actually getting what you’re looking for. Calf socks and crew socks are often confused, and they may be similar but in the sock world these are still two different cuts of socks!

What are Calf Socks?

Also commonly referred to as “over the calf socks” these socks go all the way up to the knee. These socks cover the whole leg to assure that no part of the calf is left exposed in the event that the wearer’s pant legs rise up. These are a very popular option for lots of people and are especially popular during the colder months. 

What are Crew Socks?

Crew socks go past your ankle and cover your mid to high calf. These socks are popular for all sorts of occasions. Whether it be sports, business, or casual. Crew socks are especially well known for their ability to wick away sweat, which can help keep your shoes from retaining that sweaty foot smell that they usually get over time. 

How are These two Sock Types Similar?

Like most socks, you can find these both in all assortments of material. From the most common material used, cotton, to more high-end materials, like cashmere or wool. Both also come in a variety of colors, ranging from black and white to all colors of the rainbow. You can even find both of these styles of socks with different designs, as well. Both sock types are relatively popular among different types of people, and some people even tend to enjoy both and switch back and forth depending on what the situation calls for.

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Where can I Find High-Quality Socks of Either Style?

Finding high-quality socks can be somewhat of a challenging task. While finding socks of a standard quality can be as easy as taking a short drive to your nearest department store, higher-end socks can be rather elusive. Plus, many specialty sock stores you find in malls only sell novelty socks that are of a lower quality than even a pack of standard socks you found at the box store. Sometimes you can find high-quality socks at high-end box stores, but these almost always come with the high-end box store price tag.

The internet has your back on this particular topic, and now it’s easier to find high-quality socks than ever. A great place to find good, high-quality socks is Blacksocks. They’ve been around since 1999, and unlike what their name may suggest they sell socks in far more colors than just black. This company is trusted worldwide not only with the socks they offer, but also with their t-shirts, underwear, and button-up shirts. Plus, if you’ve been looking for a sock subscription service this website is ideal for you.

Different Types of Socks for Different Purposes.

Much like with any other type of clothing, each different cut has its own name and is meant to fulfill a different effect with your outfit. So whether you don’t want your socks to show at all, or you’re more concerned about your skin showing when your pants rise up, there’s always a sock that fits your needs.