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Tips On How To Tidy Up

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Tips On how To Tidy Up

Daily housekeeping shouldn’t be a drag and take up all your time.

It’s not just about spending more time on cleaning rather creating some good habits that you just follow (instinctively), it’s about adopting a lifestyle.

So if you are someone looking for tips on how to tidy your home, I have written this post just for you.

Try to follow at least one or two tips from the list, and once you get hang of them, keep on adding more. These are the tips given by the NW Maids Cleaning Services to keep your home neat and in order.

Begin With Making The Bed

I know some people feel lazy when it comes to making up their bed, and consider it a waste of time. But a room with a made up bed looks far more tidy and appealing than a room with carelessly thrown bed sheets in form of a big puddle.

It starts off your day well, and honestly you simply can’t resist climbing into a made bed anytime of the day.

If you feel making up bed every day is a struggle then you can consider simplifying your bed as much as possible. 

Also minimize the number of pillows on your bed or considering using a duvet that doesn’t need to be tucked in your sheets.

Do One Load Of Laundry Per Day.

Instead of doing all the work/laundry per day, you can divide it in batches. Again it depends on how many loads you typically do per week. For instance, if you don’t have much laundry, instead of doing it every day, you can do it on alternate days.


Learn to prioritize things. Not all cleaning has to be done in one day. Make a list of what needs to get done immediately and what can wait until the next day or two. Write down your 2 realistic cleaning goals and stick to them, don’t attempt to do other cleaning chores until they get off your priority list. You might hate writing and maintaining a list but trust me it helps you staying focused and organized.

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Get The Whole Family Involved.

Getting your family and especially kids involved really create a big difference in the long run. Initially you might feel you have to be on your kids a lot, but spending time to teach your children to do age appropriate stuff is something that’s going to be beneficial for both of you in the long run. You can take a start by teaching your kids to take responsibility for their own stuff. For instance, once they return from school they can put away their coat and shoes, they can put dishes in the dishwasher, clean their room. Basically, just pick up after themselves. Over the time you will feel how much difference it can make in the overall tidiness of your house.


Delcluttering will definitely make your life a lot easier and will considerably cut down the amount of time needed to clean and organize.
Having a dedicated place for everything in the household makes it so much easier to tidy up not just for you but the rest of your family too. When you have less stuff on your counters and surfaces, it definitely cuts down on dusting and makes cleaning a lot easier and hassle free.

Clean As You Go

As I mentioned it’s all about bringing change into lifestyle, adopting healthy cleaning habits. For instance, you can train yourself to putting things away as you go doesn’t really take up much time but it will definitely make your house look less messy and tidier.