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How No Crease Hair Ties Can Save The Day

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Crease Hair

We’ve all been there – you take your hair down from a ponytail only to have the tell-tale signs of the rubber band across your hair. There’s no way you could leave your hair like that, so you go back to the pony whether you wanted to or not.

Fortunately, those days are behind us. No-crease hair ties have saved the day in more ways than one. You can go from hair up to hair down multiple times a day and no one would know the difference.

Thanks to coil hair ties you can have beautiful hairstyles without any damage and change your mind as many times a day as you want.

So just how do they save the day? Check out the top reasons we adore them

No More Hair Pulling

The days of dealing with painful ponytails or wrestling with hair ties to get them out of your hair are behind you with hair coils. They don’t snag and easily go in and out of your hair without the hassle. Your hair doesn’t break or feel/look damaged after using these coil hair ties.

They Keep Your Hair Secure

Isn’t it the worst when your hair slips out of its pony or bun mid-day? It’s always at the worst times too. You’re in the middle of working out or working and you have half of your hair in your face. Not with no-crease hair ties!

Your hair stays secure morning till night and you won’t feel a thing. Most hair ties hurt after a few hours. You know that feeling when you can’t wait to rip it out of your hair? You won’t have that with coil hair ties.

You Can Wear Your Hair Up Or Down

You know those days when you’re hot and then you’re cold? You probably pull your hair up to get it off your neck and then back down when you’re about to go out. Regular hair ties don’t make that very easy.

As soon as your hair is up, you have to leave it up or you walk around with a lovely crease in your hair. Non-crease hair ties don’t do that – put your hair up and take it down as much as you want and you won’t see a difference.

No More Hair Breaking

If you wear your hair up a lot, your hair likely has a lot of breakage. What happens every time you go to the stylist? Does she comment on your breaking ends? Does she recommend cutting a few inches off to give your hair a ‘fresh start?’

Hair coils don’t cause breakage – they are gentle on your hair, yet strong enough to keep your hair in place. You get the best of both worlds – beautiful styles and no damage to your hair, whoever thought this would be our reality?

No More Hair In Your Face Working Out

Working out is so good for you but when your hair gets in your face, it can get so annoying! Hair coils keep your hair out of your face and tightly up in a ponytail or bun. You don’t have to worry about slippage, damaging your hair, or having a lovely crease through your hair when you’re done.

Whether you dry shampoo your hair and head out for the day or leave it in a messy bun the rest of the day, hair coils keep your hair looking pretty and staying safe – what more can you ask for?

Hair coils are the best thing since sliced bread! They keep your hair looking amazing whether you wear it up or down. You don’t have to commit to one hairstyle for the day – change it as often as you want. When they’re not in use, they look really cute on your wrist – accessorize with your other arm candy and you have yourself a trendy look and hair tie all in one!