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Jewelry Mistakes You Want To Avoid

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Jewelry Mistakes You Want To Avoid

It’s easy to select perfect outfits for different occasions. However, matching it with the appropriate jewelry may be challenging. This challenge may be a result of inadequate time or bad habits. It may also be due to a lack of information on the jewelry to match your outfit.

Accessories like drop earrings can be great if you know how to match them. But you can learn this if you understand the mistakes to avoid. This article highlights some jewelry mistakes you should avoid when adorning yourself.

Letting Your Jewellery To Accumulate Dust

Anything that’s used regularly, including jewelry, accumulates dirt and grime over time. When you have jewelry on your skin for more extended periods and use them to perform various tasks, they’ll get dirty. Not cleaning these accessories may cause them to lose their color. Though this may happen slowly, people may eventually notice.

It would be best to clean jewelry every week, though this depends on the material used to make them. Cleaning can be as simple as wiping your accessories with soft cotton dipped in a mixture of water and soap. That way, you’ll ensure that your jewelry shines always.

Inappropriately Storing jewelry

The place you store your jewelry when it’s not on you can also affect its appearance and condition. Some jewelry tarnishes fast in humid environments, while others may be affected by free-flowing air. Also, rubbing your accessories against other pieces may damage or scratch them.

Storing your pieces in jewelry boxes can help to prevent these problems. Jewelry boxes limit air exposure, and some even come with separate segments for keeping various types of jewelry to prevent them from tangling and scratching. Necklace trees can also be ideal for storage, though you may need to clean and dust your necklaces often.

Wearing jewelry While Swimming Or Bathing

A sure way of damaging your jewelry fast is by wearing it in water. Showering with earrings or bracelets may make small pieces to go down the drain without you knowing. Body washes, conditioners, and shampoos also have chemicals that may react with your jewelry.

Moreover, swimming pools and hot tubs have chlorine that easily discolors jewelry and weakens the value of gold and diamonds. So, it would be best to remove all your jewelry before showering or swimming. That way, you’ll maintain their condition.

Lacking Creativity

Wearing one piece of jewelry every day may be boring. Sometimes, you need to wear other types of jewelry to maintain your great appearance. However, this requires creativity. An easy way to know whether jewelry matches your clothes is experimenting with new pieces with your outfits and noting what works and what doesn’t.

If you realize that you require some colors, invest in new pieces. But if you’re working on a tight budget and have a few jewelry collections, having a changing schedule can help you maintain an elegant look. Your loved ones may also help you identify jewelry pieces that match your clothes and skin color and those that don’t.

Wrapping Up

The jewelry that you wear can make or break your appearance. Maintaining your jewelry or following style guidelines can help you to avoid some common mistakes.