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Koleston Idealize Hair Shading

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Koleston Idealize Hair Shading is dependable, solid hair shading produced by Wella. Not at all like other hair hues Koleston is extraordinary as it takes into consideration distinctive levels of shading change. Koleston is utilized in mix with Welloxon. Welloxon is accessible in three levels of quality. Henceforth it lifts hair shading relying upon require. Genuinely immaculate, this hair shading gives serious and dynamic shading results utilizing amazing fixings. Arrives in a palette that has extraordinary shades of Rich Blonde, Common Dark colored, Red and Uncommon Blend Shades, it offers 100% dim scope from root to closes. To make hair ultra sparkly it has 25% molding specialists and lipid that assistance watch over the hair.

Figured utilizing Triluxiv© Innovation, it is a three-advance stage:

  • Shading Guide

Koleston Consummate stores lipids onto the permeable parts of the hair. This at that point levels out and balances the structure from root to tip giving it the establishment required for giving exceptional shading.

  • Shading Extraordinary

Koleston Consummate has High Thickness particles joins with Welloxon Immaculate’s HDC Activator to give the most exceptional shading.

  • Sparkle Watch stage

A lipid covering is conformed to the hair that resembles a defensive film to guarantee that hair is ensured and protected influencing it to look wonderful with dependable rich shading and sparkle.

How to blend and Apply?

  • Blending

Koleston Impeccable and Welloxon Consummate are to blended for typical shading in the blending proportion 1:1. This implies 30 ml of Koleston Culminate shade is to be blended with 30ml Welloxon Idealize.

Before blending Koleston with Welloxon you have to comprehend the correct focus you require. To help by one shade, pick the 6-percent centralization of Welloxon with one Koleston Idealize. On the off chance that you require two shades of lift, select a 9-percent convergence of Welloxon and blend with one Koleston Consummate. For three shades, you will require the 12-percent quality Welloxon with one Koleston Idealize. In the wake of blending the blend well, the color is prepared for utilize.

Same Profundity/Obscuring

For a first-time application you have to hose your hair. Apply shading with the end goal that it is equitably dispersed from roots to end. You may utilize a brush to try and out the application. For advancement of shading without warm, you have to sit tight for 30-40 minutes. Then again with warm application, improvement time is just 15-25 minutes.


For first-time helping application, you have to apply all through the mid-length and end of the hair. Improvement time take without warm is 20 minutes and with warm is 20 minutes.

For root zone alone, apply the shading and sit tight for 30 to 40 minutes without warmth and 15-25 minutes with warm.