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Sustainable Fashion: Why It Makes Sense to Embrace This Growing Fashion Trend

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Sustainable Fashion: Why It Makes Sense to Embrace This Growing Fashion Trend

In every industry, consumers are pushing for sustainability. They demand more brands to lessen their environmental impact. They don’t only want organic and healthy foods in eco-friendly packaging. They want more than just fewer chemicals on their makeup. Today’s consumers also want to be able to change their fashion sense into a more sustainable and eco-friendly one.

The pandemic may continue to disrupt our way of living. But this does not mean that one’s sense of fashion should diminish just because they are now spending more time quarantining. Even remote workers, stay-at-home moms, and remote learners are making it a point they look and feel great while staying at home.

What Sustainable Fashion Really Is

Sustainable fashion aims to make considerable changes in the fashion industry. It is not just about consumers thrift-shopping and renting fashion pieces they will only be used once. It also means fostering change in how materials are outsourced and how garments are designed, developed, and delivered to consumers.

It is no secret that the fashion industry has always been a major contributor to water, soil, and air pollution. Fast fashion, to be precise, is a major concern since such clothes lead to more wastes. People are used to buying cheap and disposable clothes only to discard them just after a few uses.

Sustainable fashion aims to entice brands to be more mindful of their impact on the planet. We need to embrace sustainable fashion to save more wildlife, reduce fashion carbon footprint, and reduce the usage of different natural resources. It teaches consumers to be more eco-conscious, care about child labor, and improve our health and that of the planet.

What Can Consumers Do to Embrace Sustainable Fashion?

The good news is, there are many things you can do to start adopting a more sustainable fashion sense.

Find Ways to Reuse Your Old Wardrobe and Accessories

Everyone has a few items in their closet that they don’t like, never wears, and don’t even need. Instead of simply throwing these pieces away, why not find ways to reuse them? Dedicating a weekend to sort your stuff out is a good way to start putting your old accessories and wardrobe to good use.

Separate the items you often use and still need. Instead of throwing old and broken accessories away, get your old jewelry pieces repaired instead. This way, you can use them again, turn them into something else that is useful or re-gift them to your loved one.

For the clothes, shoes, and other things you no longer want or have no other use for, choose to give them to charity instead. If allowed, you can leave them in your yard and place a sign telling others they can take these for free. If you could use a bit of cash, sell them online or open a garage sale.

Instead of Buying, Rent Your Clothes

Do you always go to gatherings where you are expected to look your best? Buying clothes you won’t wear often is only a waste of space and money. Thankfully, there are outlets that allow you to rent clothes and accessories, saving you money in the process.

Renting clothes allows you to change your looks as you please. You don’t need to pay the full price when you are unlike to use these often. You can experiment with your looks, explore a new fashion trend, or even enjoy wearing designer pieces you can’t normally afford to buy.

Practice the 30 Wear Test

The 30 wear test is simple. Whenever you find yourself wanting a new pair of shoes, accessories, or clothes, ask yourself how many times you are going to use them. If your answer falls below 30, then you are better off skipping the purchase.

If you are not going to wear something multiple times, then it only shows you don’t really have the need to make it yours. Why buy if you can rent it somewhere else? There is no point in wasting your hard-earned money only to dump the piece after a few wear.

Educate Yourself

To embrace sustainable fashion, make sure to inform yourself if the brands you love are into sustainability. Some brands claim they are advocates of sustainable practices. Quick research can reveal otherwise.

Make sure you do your research before you buy anything from a brand. Check the materials they used and if these eco-friendly and long-lasting. Check if their process and way of sourcing their materials are sustainable or not.

Sustainability is the key to our better future. Your fashion sense doesn’t necessarily need to suffer. You can stay stylish even as you embrace sustainable fashion. Be informed, find ways to reduce your fashion waste, and you can help build a better tomorrow for the future generation.