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The Five Cheapest Places To Buy Property In New Zealand

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The Five Cheapest Places To Buy Property In New Zealand

Prices Are On The Increase

Real estate organizations in New Zealand has reported that the current median property price is now NZ$597,000. This is almost 7% higher than the prizes for the previous year. As expected, the city of Oakland still has the most expensive properties in the country. Arrange residential prizes in this city is in the region of NZ$850,000. Fortunately, there are many areas outside of Auckland Wayne the opportunity to find real estate bargains and ironically this is mostly in some of the most scenic regions in the country. Therefore, if it is not overly important for you to be close to your business in Auckland then there is no reason why you should not explore the beautiful countryside in search of a real estate bargain.


You will find Taranaki in the coastal regions of the North Island and this place is a tropical paradise and the area is also mountainous. People who settle this area will be able to enjoy extraordinary views of Mount Taranaki which is advocate which is located in the beautiful rainforests of Egmont national Park. There are many highly popular beaches as well as ski resorts in this beautiful region. In fact, some of the best surfing spots in the country are in the area surrounding Taranaki for those who enjoy the nightlife, New Plymouth is not far away and many people are also eagerly exploring the numerous likes in the area while others prefer to have for long walks along the beach. You can expect to pay NZ$345,000 New Zealand dollar for a house in this area.


This city is one of the most affordable in the country and it is also the closest city from the southernmost tip of New Zealand. For some reason this city has received the nickname of the city of water and light. Apparently, this is because of the extremely long summer days and also because people are able to enjoy the use of the Aurora Australis on a rather frequent basis. That simply means The Southern Lights for people who are not familiar with the term Aurora Australis. This entire area is laid-back and it is settled in the peaceful and tranquil Waihopai River estuary. There are many excellent cafés, live bars and restaurants in the area as well as a few nature reserves and parks. Houses are available for just below NZ$250,000.


For people like an early start there is no better city than Gisborne since this is the very first city on the entire planet to see the rising sun every morning. They are excellent surfing beaches in the area as well as excellent dining places and wineries. The in the ingenious culture of the area is amazing. Capt. Cook first landed in Kaiti Beach in 1769. Furthermore, for those people who have a special love for Chardonnay wines they may be interested to learn that the Chardonnay capital of New Zealand is in fact Gisborne even though that is an unofficial title. People can expect to pay NZ$350,000 for a house in this area.


Among some of the most beautiful spots on the South Island you will find the small town of Greymouth. One of the attractions in the area is Lake Brunner were fishing is one of the favorite sports. Another notable attraction in the area is Paparoa National Park but there is also the West Coast wilderness trail where people can ride bikes or they can walk while they explore the beautiful scenery. It is apparently possible to see as far as Mount Cook on clear days. This has to do with the location of Greymouth in the Southern Alps. Houses is available from approximately NZ$210,000.


In recent times, because of the high cost of housing in Auckland many people have been curious to discover where they can find affordable residential properties in New Zealand. During such a search it would soon be uncovered that the city of Whanganui on the North Island features very high on that list. Ironically this is one of the most beautiful areas in New Zealand and yet it also provides some of the most affordable housing opportunities in the country. The area has a very rich heritage and people laugh access to some of the most incredible natural wonders anywhere in New Zealand. This city also has a thriving economy and it also provides people with a relaxed lifestyle something which is unheard of in a sizable city. Houses is available from NZ$269,000.