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Top 6 Weight Gainers in India 2021

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Top 6 Weight Gainers in India 2021

Gaining weight can be as tricky as losing it and sometimes even tougher. The struggle is real and all those who are trying to put on some healthy weight for years now must realize this. Gaining weight requires you to consume calorie-rich meals so that you ultimately consume more calories than what you burn.

Obtaining all the required calories for weight gain through diet alone can be a tedious task. You might fall short on calories and gulping down unhealthy or junk food will only lead to putting on unhealthy weight. So, how do we get there?

The simple answer to this question is, weight gainers. These are special formulas that have a potent blend of carbs healthy fats, and protein that help in fulfilling your daily calorie requirements in a delectable and hassle-free way and assist you in putting on some healthy weight.

Most weight gainers on the market are enriched with other nutrients such as vitamins & minerals. These help in fulfilling your daily micronutrient needs as well. But, there are some weight gainers that come along with a lot of added sugar and fillers that do provide you calories, but the unhealthy ones. Such supplements do not promote a healthy weight gain and can invite a few health troubles for you. So, it’s always wise to choose the right weight-gaining supplement.

To help you make an informed choice, we have listed some of the best weight gainers on the market currently. Let’s have a look at this list.

Best Weight Gainers On the Market

This one tops the list as it is a great weight gainer. Made from the finest quality whey and casein, this is the best weight gain powder that helps you in building lean muscle mass. It delivers 890 clean calories and 75g of protein to support healthy weight gain. It has a blend of enzymes to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients. It fuels you with 13g BCAA to promote muscle growth, 3000mg of creatine monohydrate to enhance performance, and 4000mg of MCT to help you burn fat. It energizes you by fueling you with oats fiber, maize starch, and palatinoseTM, all of which are superior carb sources.

  • Sinew Nutrition Weight Gainer

This weight gainer has carbs to protein ratio of 6:1 which makes it a calorie-dense formula. It offers 70.1g carbs, 11.7g of protein, and 475 calories per serving along with 2.1g BCAAs to support muscle recovery and protein synthesis. It comes with added digestive enzymes to boost nutrient digestion and absorption. This is a vegetarian product with a higher biological value of protein.

  1. ON Serious Mass

This product by Optimum Nutrition (ON) is a calorie-rich formula designed to let you experience healthy gains. Made with a blend of whey concentrate, calcium caseinate, sweet dairy whey, and egg albumin, this weight gainer offers 1250 clean calories along with 50g protein per serving to serve as an ideal post-workout drink. The ideal carb blend supports intense workout sessions and helps in energizing you.

  • MuscleXP Pro Mass Gainer

This mass and weight gainer is crafted for athletes who wish to build sturdy muscles and enhance strength without putting on extra fat. If you want to put on some serious weight, this might not be a great fit for you. This is great for building a lean and muscular physique. It is packed with a blend of digestive enzymes to boost nutrient absorption and digestion. Every serving fuels you with 405.3 calories along with 52g carbs, and 36g protein. It is also enriched with 25 vitamins and minerals to fulfill your daily micronutrient needs.

  • Strava Advance Muscle Mass

This weight gainer powder offers 300g of premium quality carbohydrates that give you 1450 calories per 6 servings to support healthy gains. This product is ideal for all those who work out regularly and also for those individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Whey protein concentrate is the key source of protein in this product.

  • Big Muscles Nutrition Real Mass Gainer

This product is made with all-natural whey and milk protein to fuel your body with healthy amino acids that help in supporting protein synthesis all-day long. This product does not contain any banned substances. It offers 50g protein per serving that is obtained from a blend of 5 protein sources. This gainer enriches you with 1000 calories per serving along with 160g of complex carbs, 7500mg BCAAs, and 3000mg of glutamine to support muscle recovery.

You can choose from any of the above-mentioned weight gainers and start your gaining journey instantly. The ones mentioned in this article are a hassle-free and clean source of all the calories that you need to put on some healthy weight. It is advised to work out regularly to build a muscular physique.