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Why Coil Hair Ties Are Better Than Straight Ones

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Why Coil Hair Ties Are Better Than Straight Ones

We all use hair ties, whether it’s to throw your hair in a messy bun or to create a sophisticated updo, they are essential. Most women throw their hair up at some point in the day, whether as a style or because they’re hot.

But no two hair ties are created equal. Coil hair ties are worlds better than regular hair ties for many reasons and not just because they are incredibly cute.

Say Goodbye To Kinks

If you’ve ever put your hair in a ponytail only to pull it out a few hours later and see kinks in your hair, you get us. You set your fate the moment you throw your hair in a ponytail when you use a regular hair tie.

Use coil ties and you won’t have that problem. They don’t leave telltale ridges in your hair which means you can put your hair up and down as many times as you want and not have kinky or ridged hair.

Stop Breaking Your Hair

Hair ties when used the same way too often can break your hair. Think about how often you throw your hair in a ponytail. Is it always in the same spot? Are you always pulling it nice and tight?

You’re Probably Breaking Your Hair.

Coil hair ties pull your hair just as tight and give you a secure hairstyle, but without the broken hair. Even if you pull your hair in a pony or bun in the same spot often, it won’t break your hair. You probably already know that broken hair causes big frizz.

They Don’t Stretch Out

How many times have you used a hair tie a few times only to find it completely stretched out and unusable? It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Coil ties don’t stretch out as easily. If they do, it’s an easy fix. Run them under hot water or run the blow dryer on them for a few minutes and they shrink right back to their original size. Now you have functional hair ties again without wasting money.

They’re Cute On Your Wrist Too

The days of wearing scrunchies on our wrists might be over, but we all need a hair tie handy. Standard rubber bands don’t look attractive, and they even hurt your wrist a little. Coil ties don’t hurt and they are too cute. Get them in your favorite colors and match your outfits, not to mention creating your favorite hairstyles.

Use Coil Ties To Protect Your Hair

If you love putting your hair up, it’s time to switch to coil hair ties. They are cute, functional, and hold your hair even better than regular hair ties. They won’t damage your hair and you can even get them wet without creating that lovely ridge in your hair that tells everyone you had your hair in a ponytail.

If you haven’t switched over to coil ties, now is the time. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!