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Worship in Style: 6 Incredibly Stylish Christian Apparel Brands

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Worship in Style 6 Incredibly Stylish Christian Apparel Brands

If there’s one thing that should reflect who you are, it’s your clothing. Clothes say a lot about us during a first impression, showcasing our personality and even beliefs.

But despite the fact that nearly a third of the world’s population is Christian, it can be surprisingly hard to find faith-based clothes that keep up with modern fashion trends. How do you share your faith and spark inspiration without the right wardrobe to back up your vision?

Fortunately, there are several trendy Christian apparel brands with appealing clothes to match any style—if you know where to look! Here are the brands you should look into for faith-based fashion.

1. Dope Faith Apparel

Boasting high-quality fabric in their Christian apparel, Dope Faith offers a range of bold and colorful styles to fit the wardrobe of any wearer. With a contemporary streetwear aesthetic bearing messages of faith, this brand works well for anyone looking for clothes inspired by modern trends and designs.

2. Sacrize

If you’re looking for daily wear that lets you showcase your faith without sacrificing style, this Christian apparel site should be your first stop. Sacrize offers men’s and women’s collections, both of which include a range of popular t-shirts and hoodies, though the brand plans to expand to additional categories in the future. Their premium fabrics and high-grade materials mean you’ll be wearing your new favorite urban chic clothes for years to come.

3. Jesus Loves You Co.

Taking the popular “Jesus loves me” message and turning it on its head, Jesus Loves You Co focuses on a fashion line built on the fundamental truth of genuine shared love. Offering a full catalog of simple but stylish tees, hats, and hoodies, this Christian apparel shop is full of great wardrobe additions for everyday wear and beyond.

4. CXXII Apparel

With a company name that references Romans 12:2, CXXII Apparel embraces a mixture of scripture and streetwear, boasting unique collections with both modern and abstract designs. The brand offers a range of faith-based shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts that allow wearers to create conversations based on the scripture found in the attractive designs.


A modern Christian apparel brand based on the West Coast, this streetwear line has clean, attractive designs and incorporates modern street slang in its collections. With a mash-up of sharp artwork and bold lettering, all the brand’s shirts, hoodies, and hats are designed to fit in with modern streetwear trends.

6. God the Father Apparel

This high-quality, American-made Christian streetwear apparel brand was founded to help wearers preach their faith without even opening their mouths. Popular collections include hoodies and tees, and 10% of all proceeds go to World Vision, which sponsors children in need worldwide.

Find Your Christian Apparel Brands Today

Whether you’re looking for women’s or men’s Christian apparel brands, these options can get you the faith-inspired clothes you love and the trends you admire. Check them out to showcase the messages you want to share in comfort and style!

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