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5 Essential Men’s Skin Care Products for Travelling

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When heading away for business or pleasure, every man should take some essential skin care products to keep the skin hydrated and looking young. Whether you’re on the road or in the air, we list below our 5 Essential Men’s Skincare Products for travelling!

  1. Time Defence Eye Reviver Cream: Have you ever disembarked from a flight with dry, heavy eyes? Your favourite RayBan glasses cant help you forever, so why not try some Eye Defence cream will help the skin around your eyes keep hydrated and glowing. The moisture in the skin releases the pressure and allows the skin to breathe better. It also assists in the reduction of wrinkles around your eyes, making you look and feel younger. It’s a lightweight anti-ageing eye cream which is clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 37% and increase hydration by up to 82% in 28 days.
  2. SOS Survival Cream: A Daily Moisturiser with replenishing elements will help you survive the harshest of environments, from the aeroplane cabin to the long highway drive. the powerful formula of marine extracts, Lavender and Myrrh instantly soothes problem areas and leaves the skin perfectly hydrated and comfortable. Applying every 3-4 hours during a long-haul flight will ensure you skin stays hydrated and fresh on arrival at your destination.
  3. Time Defence Wrinkle Delay: A specific cream to aid wrinkle reduction, consisting of Pomegranate, Hydroxyproline, anti-oxidant rich Zinc Crystal, Bamboo and a trio of exotic oils; Murumuru, Jujube and Maracuja. It’s clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 83% and increase hydration by up to 72% in 28 days. Any cream that reduces wrinkles and assists in keeping your skin looking young – is a must-have cream!
  4. Ice-Cool Foam Shaving Gel: A soft foaming gel with Chinese Date, English Oak and Witch Hazel help defend the skin against irritation and razor burn, whilst softening the facial hair makes shaving extremely smooth and helps the skin recover with minimal irritation.
  5. Energising Skin Scrub: Here’s one out of the box for the guys willing to give it a go: a body scrub full of Marine Phytoplankton, Hops and Meadowsweet. It’s an exfoliator that sloughs away dead and dulling skin cells, providing a nourishing, deep-pore cleanse for a rejuvenated complexion that is smoother and brighter looking.

You can combine each of the above items into your travel bag, or choose which of the items best suit your needs. At the minimum, we recommend an eye cream, a skin moisturiser and the shaving cream. A little tip: look out for liquid restrictions and buy yourself some smaller containers to put the product into your travel bag – this also saves you space and you can top it up again once you get to your destination (Muji is a good place for these)!