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The Most Effective Way to Sew Cuffs in Sweatshirts

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The Most Effective Way to Sew Cuffs in Sweatshirts

Sewing Cuffs for Sweatshirts for Women

Insert the short cuffs of the cuff into equal parts and join the sting together. Lay the cuffs in such a way that the right side of the material is exposed. To create your fabric into equal parts, take a solid side and overlap it in the opposite direction. Line up the sides and place a pair of sewing pins close together so that the texture does not grow around it. Connect again for the opposite cuffs.

The short side is the height of the cuffs.

In case you don’t care about using sewing pins, use sewing cuts to make everything equal.

1.6 cm) Leaving the crease allowance, you sew with the trapped sting. Since you won’t cross stretched ribs, keep your household accessories on track. At this point, sew the stuck edge together – remember to loosen the pins when you sew around the cuffs.

Connect again for the opposite cuff so that you have 2 cylinder pieces complete.

Cover the large part of the cylinder and apply the raw edges. Take your cylinder, which is at the very front right now, and put your thumb in the middle of the cylinder. Use your fingers to lift the raw edge up and keep moving until the raw edges line up. Connect again for the opposite cuff.

Your cuff is currently outside the actual site and as a result, the crease you just sewed is covered inside.

Pan the raw edges together and add the cross with the sting. Stick the ribs together to make 3 or 4 stitching pins join the ribs so that they are easy to hold firmly. At this point, change your home machine to a cross-cross frame and start sewing on the actual edge of the fallen cuff. Until you reach your starting line and sew around the entire cuff and re-drink it for the opposite cuff.

Joining the sting along with the cross completes the raw edges together so that they will not break even after some time.

See if you are not sealing each of the 4 layers of material or you will accidentally join the cuff closure!

Connecting the Cuff

Paste 4 equal sewing pins around the edge of the cuff and around the edge of the cuff. Take a sewing pin and press it through the crease to the raw edge of the sweatshirts for women. Place the sweet shirt on the right side and place 3 additional pins along with the sting, leaving equal space between each one. At this point, roll it up again.

Conversely, for cuffs and sleeves, you will have to re-evaluate this progress.

Pointing the cuffs and sleeves with the sewing pins makes them easier to arrange so that you don’t have texture packing when you sew.

Slide the cuffs over the sleeves and keep the pins in a row. Slip the sewn cuffs onto the sleeves, so the sewn edge is on the raw edge of sweatshirts for women. At this point, align the pin that is on the crease line of the cuff with the pin that is on the sweet shirt crease line. Push each sweater pin through the cuff and re-sew it for the opposite cuff.

Sweatshirts for women cuffs are slightly wider, which is why you use the cuffs to sew sweet shirts to the sewing pins – you’re rearranging the texture of this abundance.

Sew a cross-joint around the cuff to attach to the sleeve. Pull the cuff sting until the sleeves and cuffs are smooth. At this point, start sewing a crucifix fast and drop the (1.6 cm) crease. Sew around the cuffs until you get to where you started. Remember that you need pins when you go, and vice versa.

Make sure you are not loosening the cuffs when tying them around the sleeves.

Trim the structure flowing to the crease line and overlap the sleeves. Take some sharp scissors and carefully stop the excess structure along your crease line. Be careful that you don’t necessarily stop this pairing! At this point, lighten the cuff so that it extends far beyond the cuff. Connect again for the opposite cuff.

If you need more structure for management, don’t worry about it. You will easily roll up your cuffs.

Top stitches around the cuffs to better complement your cuffs. At the moment, your cuffs are full, but several minutes in the top stitches really offer sweatshirts for women. Keep your machine on a cross-line and join the straight top-of-the-line crease where your cuffs meet the cuffs. At this point, keep the opponent slow.

Some cuffs also have a straight top just below the crease line. In case you really want to highlight the topstitching, make sure you are sewing directly in the sleeves and not in the cuffs. So when you set on sweatshirts for women, you will increase it.