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Why Coil Hair Ties Hold Better

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Why Coil Hair Ties Hold Better

If you’ve seen the coil hair tie trend, you probably wonder why they are such a big deal? What makes them special besides their cute design that’s reminiscent of the old-school telephone cord? It seems like everywhere you look, women are wearing them.

There’s one main reason they are so popular – coil hair ties hold your hair better than any other hair tie on the market. They are a great way to throw your hair in a quick ponytail while working out or to create a fancy updo for a night out on the town.

But why do they hold your hair better?

Here’s why.

They Grip your Hair

This is the one factor that sets coil hair bands apart from others. They grab onto your hair, but not in a bad way. They don’t hurt when they grab your hair, but the coil design gently holds your hair and doesn’t let it go. It will keep your style all day long.

You can work out, run errands all day, or chase the kids around the house and your hair won’t fall out of your hairdo.

They Don’t Snag

If you’ve ever had a ponytail holder stuck in your hair, you know the pain. Pulling it out usually means pulling out a handful of hair strands and a whole lot of pain. Sometimes you may even have to cut it out because it’s so tangled in your hair.

Coil hair bands don’t snag. You can wear one all day, wrapped around your ponytail three or more times and it will still slide right out of your hair. You don’t have to worry about pulling, snagging, or hurting your hair.

They’re More Comfortable

When you have a comfortable hair tie, you’re more likely to keep it in and not fuss with it. That’s half the battle in keeping your hair held in a ponytail. When you wear a regular hair tie, what do you do?

If you’re like most people, you pull it tight, so tight that it gives you a headache but you know if you don’t, it will just fall out. Throughout the day, you likely fuss with it so you can get more comfortable. Fuss with it enough and you have a ponytail that doesn’t stay.

This doesn’t happen with coil ties. You can put them in as tight as you want and they won’t hurt. You won’t get headaches, and because they are comfortable, you don’t have to fuss with them, which allows them to hold much better.

They Shrink Back to Size

This is one of the best features of coil hair bands. You don’t have to worry about them stretching out like a regular hair tie. Usually, if a rubber band stretches out, it’s garbage or if you use it, you have to tie it around your hair 20 times.

Coil ties shrink back down to size on their own. If they don’t because you used them so much, don’t worry. Just hold a hairdryer over them for a few minutes and they shrink right back down to their normal size.

This means you don’t have stretched-out hair ties that you’re trying to make hold your ponytail. You’ll have properly sized hair bands that hold your style no matter what you’re trying to achieve.

Have you Tried Coil Hair Bands Yet?

If you haven’t tried coil hair ties yet, try them. They are super trendy and a cute way to style your hair.

If you wear hair ties on your wrist ‘just in case,’ they look so much better than a regular hair tie. Plus, you can wash them in soap and water if you get them dirty or feel like they need to be washed. They dry quickly and are ready for use right away.

Try the latest trend and see for yourself why they are so trendy. They replaced scrunchies a few years ago and for now, it doesn’t seem like the cute trend is going away!